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A Training Center Management Webapp built for the Construction Industry.

Get Started

Simple Training Center Management

Control all your training records in one place with ease! Create the Courses offered, schedule Classes for members to attend, then complete those Classes, saving the training records of the Members who successfully completed the Course.

Focused on Ease of Use.

CertGroundā„¢ was designed to be as automatic as possible. Your job is running your Training Center, let CertGroundā„¢ worry about the record keeping. Plus every week your membership is checked for upcoming expired Courses; an email notice is sent to those affected.

Sustainable Record Keeping & Certificate Sharing

By moving your training center's record keeping to CertGroundā„¢ your membership gains the ability to share their Course Certifications with new employers. Members can generate a QRCode which with link to a Certification Share Table. No more plastic cards!

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