Giving organizations a Training Center Management webapp. Built with the construction industry in mind to allow workers the ability to show their safety & skills certificates without physically sharing cards.


  • Training Center Management

    • Create, Edit and delete the Courses offered
    • Create the Class Events, which your Membership can register to through CertGround.
    • Create, Edit and Delete Member records
    • 2-Step Class Completion, which automatically updates all the Member records which completed the training.
  • Membership Training Records

    • Members are able to view their Safety and Skills training records. See which courses are up to date, expired or are within an expiry warning range.
    • Members will receive an email notice when each of their courses reach the expiry warn range. Giving them a reminder to register to and complete a Class to keep their training current.
    • See when each Member is Job Ready by having all required Safety Courses up to date.
    • Ability to search and download snapshot copies of the Membership training records
  • Class Events

    • Members can view upcoming Classes. Coloured by event.
    • Members can register themselves when there are openings or join a waiting list for a full Class.
    • If a member unregistered from the full Class, CertGround will automatically add the next waiting list member(s) to the attendance list and send them email notifications.
    • The Training Coordinator can control if registration is open for each Class. As well as register and unregister Members.
  • Certificate Sharing

    • Members can share Training Course certifications with employers for safety orientations through CertGround; eliminating the need to physically share plastic cards. Helps save paper, time and the environment.
    • The QRCode share option allows the Member to generate a link to a webpage that will showcase their latest training information. This page has a single click button to print off Proof of Training.
    • Alternatively that qrcode can be scanned and direct the user to the Certificate showcase page mentioned above.
    • The Proof of Training print out is titled with your Organization's letter head
  • Extra Added Tools

    • Added tools to help while on the job site.
    • Phase Colour Finder.
    • Downloadable Conduit Bending Charts.

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