Welcome to CertGround™

Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell

Creator, Designer & Mastermind

First let me thank you for taking a moment to read more about CertGround™. I started construction of CertGround™ in 2019 when I learned that my own Electical Union hall (IBEW 120) was looking for a way to modernize their record keeping with regards to the new training center that they opened in 2019.

About Requirements#

The requirements for CertGround™ as a training center web application was as follows:

  1. Completely handle all Courses and the Class events.
    • ability for members to register to those classes
    • have a waiting list for registration
    • notify members when they have registered to a Class via email
    • ability for admins to add & remove members from attendance list
    • ability to print off a class attendance sheet for each day of the Class
    • ability to copy all attending member's email address to send updates
    • ability to send a mass email to membership about new Classes when they are created
  2. Handle all Membership Training Records
    • auto update membership records when a Class is completed
    • ability for the membership to share their Course Ceritifactions via QRCode
    • notify membership when they have a course within 6 months to expiry, checked weekly
  3. Display important data via charts and csv spreadsheet:
    • weekly csv file generated for historical record keeping
    • daskboard view showing:
      • total member count
      • total members trained for both current year and current months
      • number of members certified in each Course offered
      • number of members certified in each of the Required Courses
      • table view of number of members trained per month per course
  4. Extras Tools
    • electrical phase color finder
    • electrical conduit bending chart

As you can see the extras are geared towards electricians at the moment. More can be added when the client base expands.