Class Emailer


The Class Emailer Page allows admins to notify the entire Membership about new Classes. Upon visiting the page, all new, upcoming Classes, which have not already been announance to the Membership. At the top there are a list of instructions that are small reminders of the steps.

class emailer instructions and member type selection


  1. Select the Member Types of the Membership you want to receive the new Class email notice.
  2. Select which Classes to include; multiple Classes can be sent with one email.
  3. Select the Classes that are mandatory for Job Ready Status.
  4. Click the EMAIL MEMBERS button in the submit zone; a confim popup will appear.
  5. Confirm sending the email notice. See below
class emailer classes and submit button

Confirm Email Popup#

Do to the impact of this action, please type the requested text to confirm sending the email notice to your Membership.

class emailer confirm popup

Which Members Get Notified#

All active Members with emails of your choosen Member Types which have not choosen to unsubscribe from CertGroundā„¢ emails, and have not been banned from email activity.

From Class Detail Page#

You can get to the Class Emailer page from any newly created Class Detail page as show below.

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