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Class Search is available to find all Classes for a specified Course within a specified date range; limited to 90 days window. Admins can view Classes with the Class Calendar, 6 months previous and 6 months in advance; where Members and only view 3 months previous. Outside that date range please use the Class Search page described below.

class search


  1. Select the desired Course
  2. Modify the date range - defaults to previous 90 days, and must be not larger than a 90 day span.
  3. View found Classes in the chart to the right on desktop view and below on mobile.

Date Range#

The Date Range is limited to a 90 days span.

You will see a warning if trying to search outside this range with the maximum date noted.

Found Classes#

When you search for Classes any matching results will appear in the Found Classes chart. You can click on these Classes to be taken to their respective Class Detail page.

Some information is displayed in the chart:

  • Course Name of the Class
  • Start date
  • Course type
  • If the Class is Completed

Your last search results are saved to session storage.


Searching for Classes of the same Course withing a different Date Range will add the results to the Found Classes Chart.


Searching for Classes of a different Course will overwrite your previous search results.

class search found classes
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