Member Details

Basic Info#

On the Member Detail page you will see the same layout for basic Member information as the Member Create page.

The difference is the status section to the right which displays Member information related to their activity on CertGroundā„¢.

member detail view

Edit Basic Information#

  1. Click the Edit Member Button
  2. Make the changes you need to.
  3. Select Update Member button.
  4. You can cancel your changes by selecting the Cancel Edit button.
  5. See notification about successfully updating the Member.

Member Status#

Shows Member status elements as they relate to their activity on CertGround. Includes a quick dropdown of the Member Courses and the most recent date trained.


No Member Status elements can be changed by the admins.

member detail status sidebar

Member Courses#

Below the basic information there is a table which will show all Courses the Member has been trained in.


Last Trained Triggers Payment is for the required Courses only and will determine if the last time the Member was trained in the respective Course, they would receive payment for attending.

member course update popup

Historical Dates Trained#


To see historical dates in which the member was trained click on the +n circle. Where n is the number of historical dates hidden from view.

member course update popup

Edit Member Courses#

  1. Select the icon for the respective Course row you wish to edit.
  2. Make your changes in the popup: add, remove, reset or change dates trained.
  3. Click

The Trigger Payment option is with regards to Required Course Payment.

This only matters for required Courses for job ready status.

member course update popup

Member Type#

Member Type refers to either Journeyman or Apprentice.

Active Member#

An active member is any member that is active in your organization. A non active member gives you the option of archiving a Member's records.

Non Active Members#

  • Cannot login
  • Do not get email notices
  • Cannot be added to Classes
  • Only available as an archive record

Delete Member#


  1. Select the button at the top right or the at the bottom.
  2. Confirm the delete action by typing the confirmation text.
  3. See notifications about successfully deleting the Member.

Members cannot be deleted if they are currently enrolled for upcoming Classes. You will receive a

notification about which Classes to unregister the Member from.

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