Member List

A paginated list of member's in your database. First arranged alphabetically by last name.

members list

Sort List#

The list of members can be sorted by clicking on the headers of the following columns:

  • last name
  • member type
  • term
  • using app

Information Displayed#

  • last name
  • first name
  • email address
  • member type (ie. Journeyman, Apprentice)
  • apprentice term
  • using app, meaning if they have signed up for CertGround

Table Actions#

At the top right of the table you will see icon button for what can be done with the table, from:

  • Search
  • CSV Download
  • Print
  • Change what columns are shown
  • Filter the list, by:
    • member type
    • term
    • if signed up
  • Refresh the list

The Print option will only print the currently displyed page of members.

The CSV Download will include all members records retrived from the database. Therefore to include more members paginate forward.


A full list of member records and courses completion can be downloaded with the CSV Spreadsheet page.

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