Member Search

There are 2 verisons of Member Search:

  1. (Default) - With Table View of found Members showing Job ready status.
  2. (Old) - Upon Search and click takend to Member Details.

Default Member Search - Job Ready Table View Preview#

member search default view

Left Side#

On the left you can find the Member Search input.

As well as the Instructions list.

You can switch to the Old Member Search by clicking the link which is the last item in the instructions list on the left.


Seach is by last name first.

When you start inputing the member's last name the dropdown will populate with possible options from the database. Once you select a member they will be added to the Found Members table, which will display if the member is currently Job Ready

Right Side - Found Members Table#

You can select a member from the table to be directed to their Member Details page.

This table can be:

  • printed
  • csv download file

There is a Green Breifcase icon for Job Ready, and

And a Red warning triangle when not Job Ready


The Found Members table results are saved for the length of time the browser tab remains open.

Old Member Search#

member search old

The original Member Search is a simple last name first input.

You will get the same populated dropdown of possible options when you start typing the last name.


The difference is once you select the member you are searching for you will be directed to the Member Detail page


To switch to the default (new) Member Search click the link that appears as the last item in the instructions list.

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