These are the most frequently asked question. Please read these if you are new to CertGround™.


How to Sign Up?#

To sign up you must be a member of an organization that is using CertGround™ for their Training Center management. You must use your email address on file with your organization. Your profile is already created once your organization starts using CertGround™. You will just need to create a password for your own access.

For more info visit Getting Started

How to Share Certifications?#

You can share your Course Certification from the Member Profile page. Select the Share Icon above the course table and choose the courses you wish to share. Then generate a QRCode and link which can be scanned or emailed. This will show your Courses and expiry dates.

For more info visit Certification Sharing

How to Reset Password?#

From the login page, select Forgot Password?. Please enter your email address and the answer to the skill testing question. An email is sent with a link for you to set your new password.


How to Send Email to Membership about new Classes?#

After creating a new Class you can visit the Class Detail page. At the top right there is a Share Icon; You will be directed to the Class Emailer page, where you can select any new Class as well as mark it as mandatory. This will email the entire membership!

Did we forget something?#

If you still have questions please email us at sean.campbell13@gmail.com

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