Getting Started

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Become a Client#

If you are a construction organization or union hall that would like to use CertGroundā„¢ for your training center management, please visit the Request Quote page for more information and to contact Sean Campbell at

Member Sign up#

If you are a Member of an organization that is a Client of CertGroundā„¢ and are looking to sign up, please follow the steps listed here.

Training Coordinator / Admin#

As a Training Coordinator know that the job of CertGroundā„¢ is to make your job easier!

CertGroundā„¢ allows you to fully manage your membership, from creating, updating and deleting members, to certifying members in the Courses created.

To find out more please see the corresponding documentation page that relates to your question under the Admins section.

As a brief overview:

  • Courses are what the Membership get trained and certified in.
  • Classes are the event that Members can register for to receive training for a respective Course.
  • Members represents the persons your organization / union hall is responsible for training.
  • Dashboard is a graphical overview of your Membership's training status


You can navigate throughout CertGround using the Menu found in the top right cornor.

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You will see a menu very similar to the example shown in the picture below;

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