Certificate Sharing

QRCode Share#

From the Member Profile page, under the Courses tab you are able to share your course certifications by generating a QRCode.


  1. Click the Share Icon Button at the top right of the member courses table.
member course table buttons
  1. Select the Courses you want to share.

You cannot share expired courses

qrcode course select
  1. Generate the QRCode and link.
  1. Scan the QRCode or share the link with:
  • copying the share table link
  • go directly to the share table
  • emailing the link
    qrcode dialog
  1. This will direct whoever you shared the link with to the Certifcate Share Table

Certificate Share Table#

The Certificate Share Table page will look similar to the following;

At the top will be your organization's letter head, with a table showing the selected courses to share underneath.

There are options to:

  • download a csv
  • print the shared course certifications
qrcode share table

Print Proof of Training#

There is also the option to print off selected course certification without the need to generate a QRCode. This is useful for those without a data plan on their cell phones.


  1. Select the Printer icon button.
member course table buttons
  1. Select the courses you want to share.
print course select
  1. Print off Proof of Training.
print course select

The page printed is the same as if you were to use the QRCode share option and use the print functionality on the Certificate Share Table

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