Class Calendar

This page will show you a calendar view by month of the upcoming Classes offered.

class calendar
  • The Classes are coloured so any multi-day Class can be easily recognized.
  • You can select a Class to see a pop up which shows the Class dates and available spots.

Filter Classes#

You can filter the Calendar for only those Classes which you are currently set to attend.

Please use to toggler the Class Calendar.


You have the ability to register yourself to any open Class that is open to your member type. Please select the Class you want to register to and follow the instructions.


You cannot register to a Class within 48 hours without calling the Training Coordinator.

You cannot register to 2 Classes for the same Course.


You can also un-register from any Class.


You cannot un-register within 48 hours of a Class start.

You cannot re-register to a Class that you have previously un-registered from.

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