Member Profile

The Member Profile Page is the first page you see once you log into CertGroundā„¢. From this page you can see all your account details as well as share and / or print your course certifications.

Top Overview Section#

Member Profile Page

Left Side#

  • Organization's logo
  • Your name,
  • Member type,
  • Email address

Right Side#

  • Courses completed
  • Safety course completed
  • Job Ready Status
  • Login count
  • A toggle button to change the units of the previously mentioned infomation

There are 3 tab panels in the middle: STATUS, COURSES, & AVAILABLE.


Status Tab#

Member Profile Status Tab

The Status Tab has your usage infomation:

  • qrcode generated count
  • total classes completed
  • login count
  • next course expiring and the date

Courses Tab#

Member Profile historical dates trained

The Courses Tab has your course completion infomation. You will see a list of all the courses that you have completed and:

  • course name
  • course type
  • last date trained
  • expiry date

At the bottom you will see completion progress bars for all courses and safety courses only.

Selecting a course will show a dropdown of all the historical dates you have been trained.


If a Course has an orange background then the course is within 6 months to the expiry date.

If a Course has an red background then the course has Expired!

Sharing Certification

The Courses Tab also gives you the ability to share your coures certifications or print proof of training

At the top right of the Member Courses table you will see the following buttons:

Member profile course tab table buttons
  • search
  • download csv copy
  • column show/hide
  • filter table:
    • course type
    • within warning range
    • expired
  • print selected courses
  • qrcode share selected courses

Available Tab#

Will show all courses that you are not currently certified in; either from an expired course or not yet trained. You will be able to visit the Class Calendar page to see any upcoming classes for these courses.

member profile avilable tab
  • Blue backgrounds represent SKILLS courses.
  • Green backgrounds represent SAFETY courses.
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